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The Establishment of Venture Capital Fund

Kasikorn Bank Group has a policy to be a strong financial institution that provides a variety of financial services of world-class quality. Being responsive to serve customers’ needs, Kasikorn Bank has established Venture Capital Management business which provides equity financing to high potential businesses. This Venture Capital Management business aims to provide an alternative source of fund besides the current debt financing. In addition to equity’s financing, our customers will receive other kinds of support to foster their business success

The Structure of Venture Capital Management Business
The first Venture Capital Fund came from Kasikorn Bank with the starting amount of THB 200 million. This Venture Capital Fund is structured in form of limited company named “K-SME Venture Capital Co., Ltd.” (K-SME Venture Capital). K-SME Venture Capital will invest in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which define by any business or organization that has fixed asset (excluding lands) in value not over THB 200 million and has employed not more than 200 employees. K-SME Venture Capital is managed by Khao Kla Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd. (KAsset)

Portfolio Management
Investment Portfolio will be managed under the responsibility of Investment Committee which consists of representatives from Khao Kla Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. and shareholders of K-SME Venture Capital Management. Basically, all of investment policy, investment decision and portfolio monitoring are managed by investment committee.

Investment Policy

  • Invest in SMEs that has fixed asset (excluding lands) in value not over THB 200 million and has employed not more than 200 employees on the day of investment.
  • The investment limit is 10-50% of registered capital.
  • K-SME Venture Capital has the policy to be financial investor only, which means that by being passive K-SME Venture Capital will not involve in day to day business operation. Nevertheless, it will reserve the right as shareholder.
  • The investment does not limit to one type of industry/sector.
  • The owner or major shareholder must contain higher stakes than K-SME Venture Capital.
  • The investment period in each business ranges between 3 to 5 years.
  • The investment may be in terms of common stock, preferred stock or other equity linked instruments.

Investment criteria for targeted SMEs
  • Have business operation more than 3 years, otherwise major shareholders or owners must have more than 5 years experiences in relevant business
  • Commercially-viable with high potential growth
  • Have a well-defined business plan
  • Operate business with good corporate governance and transparency
  • Operate by strong business ethics
  • Operate business that benefits the country’s economy
  • Have good profile of major shareholders or owners

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